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004 St Bernardus- style

posted May 10, 2009, 4:40 PM by Brian Wigand   [ updated May 28, 2009, 9:59 PM by Joel Morris ]

Brewed: 10 May 2009

Grain Bill

34 lbs Pilsner

0.5 lbs Belgian Chocolate

1 lbs Belgian Candy Sugar Dark

8 lbs Belgian Candy Sugar Amber


22 AAU Wilamette 60 min

3.5 AAU Saaz 10 min

1.5 AAU Saaz 2 min


Trub from batch #003

    -spawn of Wyeast 1214


172 strike temp

152 mash 1 hr

Ramp up to 169- probably was hotter than this

Sparge - We noticed when we were about halfway done sparging that the sparge water had not yet cooled enough and was at about 174 degrees.  We were expecting a higher OG than we got and this may have contributed.


Boil was delayed due to hose clamp falling into boil pot.  Temperature dropped from 175 to 120 before boil was restarted.  Boil 1 hr 10 min.  Upon cleaning out the kettle after the boil we noticed that nearly a pound of the sugar had not yet disolved and was stuck to the bottom of the kettle.


OG @ 65 degrees- 73 points.  We were actually shooting for about 121 points based on the amount of fermentables that we added, but the overly hot sparge and the undisolved sugar may have contributed to our 48 point deficit.


We had originally planned to harvest the yeast from a bottle of Abt 12, but were unable to procure said bottle.  Since our local brewery supply store was closed, we decided to use yeast cells from currently fermenting batch #003.  Not exactly what we wanted, but a substitute.