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022 - 2012 Christmas Ale

posted Dec 24, 2012, 8:23 AM by Joel Morris   [ updated Dec 24, 2012, 10:27 AM ]
Brewed 23 December 2012

This is the first batch we tried brewing with our new 20 gallon mash tun with SS insert bottom.  This new system is direct fire and in addition to being new equipment we also tried gathering runnings with no sparge.  Initial calculations indicate that we achieved a brewhouse efficiency of 55% doing this and that is with battling a stuck sparge a few times as well so I will not likely try again.

I also noticed that toward the end of the lautering process we started getting a lot of grain in the run off.  So much so that I believe that some grain was burned while in contact with the element during the boil, creating a burned odor and taste in the wort.

I had intended to add 4 pounds of brown sugar which would have brought my starting gravity up to nearly 100 pts, but I forgot (it was late).  We could try to pour off some wort and boil it with the sugar and re-add it to the fermenters if we feel like it; I have not decided yet.

If we do, we will get something like the following for our recipe and OG:

Lastly, I forgot to add hops until 30 mins from the end of the boil.  I added all the hops (except that which was for the last 5 minutes of the boil) at 30 minutes.

We use the following yeast:

YEAST STRAIN: 1728  |  Scottish Ale™

Our Scottish ale strain is ideally suited for the strong, malty ales of Scotland. This strain is very versatile, and is often used as a “House” strain as it ferments neutral and clean. Higher fermentation temperatures will result in an increased ester profile.

Flocculation: high
Attenuation: 69-73%
Temperature Range: 55-75° F (13-24° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 12%